Search Engine Optimization

Our goal is to stay one step ahead of SEO trends and best practices. This means we do our best to understand what the search engines are working towards so we can build an SEO foundation that aligns with both current and future SEO best-practices; ensuring the continuity of results for our clients. If you want to improve organic search rankings, we are here to help.

SEO Strategies that Meet Goals


  • On-site Analysis
    • Discover where to start and what opportunities to focus on first.  Answer the question: What is preventing your site from ranking at the top of organic search?
  • Competitive Analysis
    • Understand where you rank against your competition and why your competitors are outperforming you online.  Learn from what works and what can be leveraged for your brand.
  • Keyword Research
    • Track targeted keywords with the most potential for higher ranking and conversions in organic search.
  • Management and Reporting
    • Work with channel partners to identify opportunities to gain share of organic search and improve KPI’s on your site.

PPC Services

Digital Great is a group of talented Digital Marketing experts with a Global Presence but a “Friendly Neighbor” attitude. We establish long-term personal relationships with our clients and try to treat your business as if were our very own.  Digital Great can handle virtually any pay-per-click advertising medium, from search engines to social networks and even mobile. Our mission is to generate as many new leads as possible while maintaining quality leads.

Our Approach

  1. Market Research
    • A blurb of text describing the initial process
  2. Keyword Discovery
    • A blurb of text describing the keyword research process
  3. Campaign Development
    • Describe the setup of each campaign
  4. Testing + Optimization
    • Describe the technique of testing Ad Copy + Landing Pages. All PPC Programs get FREE AB Testing applied to landing pages. Nob
  5. Reporting
    • Present campaign performance and optimization recommendations going forward.






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